The Wellness Revolution: A Mind-Body-Soul Connection…


Its pretty incredible how many times we feed into the concept of More is Better.  When we pay incredible amounts for food at Whole Foods when you can buy the same product at Wal-Mart for less then half the price or paying more for gas at Shell when you can get THE SAME GAS at your local gas station.  But those things are just the tip of the iceberg. 

We in America pay so much money for these Cadillac insurance policies that only promote sickness.  We have to pay Co-Pays for every treatment.  We have to pay Co-Pays for every prescription that gets filled every week, two weeks, or month.  We pay sometimes just to get through to the actual insurance company representative on the phone for advice.  When you factor in how much the average American Family is paying to STAY SICK you’d start to understand why we can’t afford our mortgage payments, private school, taxes, or even HEALTH INSURANCE. 

This video is about two young kids who had unexplained pain in multiple parts of their delicate systems that no medical doctor could figure out.  And even though there were no true diagnoses, they felt it was necessary to medicate these poor children and TREAT THE SYMPTOMS that they had no answers for.  Until they found Upper Cervical Chiropractic.  With a simply adjustment to realign the atlas to remove the interference between the Mind, Body, and Soul, these kids had hope and no longer had their “UNEXPLAINED ILLNESSES AND SYMPTOMS.”

It’s wonderful when the light bulb shines bright above your head during that “ah-ha” moment when you realize that LESS IS MORE.  When you simply make one simple shift in your life and everything else just falls right into place…kind of like Tetris!

I encourage you to go see your local Upper Cervical Chiropractor today and just simply allow everything to fall into place.

The Wellness Revolution!

k05965922Being in Chiropractic school was quite a trip.  I went in not knowing that there were different techniques.  I have been adjusted since I was 4 years old, which was always full spine, and never knew what I was in for when it came to choosing a technique.  There are techniques where you adjust every possible joint in the body, where you use instruments, where you only work with muscle, where you only work with energy, or where you only adjust the upper cervical spine.  There are many many more and the list could go on and on, but my fingers would fall off. 

What shocked me though was the internal fighting amongst the Chiropractic profession.  Each technique saying that they were the superior technique.  That they were the only ones who could help a patient.  It was also a trip to sit in class and listen to people argue about these techniques when they hadn’t even started adjusting people.

Then something clicked for me.  IT ALL WORKS!  It just depends on what you are focusing on for your patient.  Some techniques are awesome just for low back pain, others for neurological issues, others just to maintain wellness, and others were great for greedy Chiropractors to make money.  Most of us could agree that we didn’t become Chiropractors for money, but to get sick people well!

Chiropractic was not formed for a new age of doctors to get rich.  It was formed out of the pure love in the heart of DD Palmer in order to get sick people well.  DD happened to get a deaf man to hear by popping his back and instead of thinking of this as a fluke, he went with it and studied it realizing that people like Hippocrates and European bone setters had already figured out that the life force from the Mind to the Body and to the Soul traveled through the nervous system, located in the spine, and if there is an interference, the expression of that life force was diminished. 

DD Palmer, I salute you!

I want the people I serve to know that they are not a dollar sign in my eyes and that they are truly loved.  I want them to know that every time I ADjust them, only pure love and gratitude comes through.  I want them to walk into my office the next week without the need for another adjustment.  I want them to give me a huge hug and thank me for being present at every moment through out their ongoing care.  I want them to come back every once-and-a-while to just get checked in order to maintain their health.  I also want them to walk in the next week with 10 of their friends and family and ask me if I have time to check them as well.

You see, if you only look at a patient as a dollar sign then all they become is a WANT and you will be thoroughly disappointed when they become a NEED and your retention rate is in the crapper.  This is the doctor who has to do spinal screenings or health fairs in the mall just in order to keep their doors open.  What if you were doing health fairs and spinal screenings just for the intention of educating the public about how to stay healthy in order for them not to HAVE to come into your office every week?  I would much rather have 1000 healthy patients who just come in to get checked, then 1000 every week regulars who constantly need to be adjusted. 

ISN’T IT TRUE THAT THE POWER THAT CREATED THE BODY CAN HEAL THE BODY?  If that’s true, then who are we as chiropractors?  We are mediators between the patient and their body.  All we do is simply remove the interference in order for them to communicate with each other.

So, however you decide to do this, please make sure that you do it with the correct intent.  I honestly could care less on your technique.  You can be a Diversified practitioner, a Gonstead practitioner, an HIO or NUCCA practitioner, or doing something like ART, Decompression, or Network.  As long as you have the intent of pure love and healing for that person, it WILL work.  There is no question. 

But, what are we treating?  DD and BJ didn’t treat just back pain.  They didn’t even TREAT anything.  All they did was simply remove the interference within the system in order to allow the MIND, BODY, and SOUL to communicate properly.

The largest problem that we face today has nothing to do with the medical community or with insurance companies.  The largest problem that we face today is each other.  All we do is fight and bicker.  “My technique is better then yours.” Or, “Well BJ said…” Come on!  We wonder why the medical community isn’t to stoked about us.  Well, it’s because we aren’t too stoked about OURSELVES!  Until we can all agree to disagree and see that we all still have the same vision; to get sick people well through chiropractic, then we will get nowhere.  And nowhere has room for EVERYONE! 

I decided a while ago that my main mission in life after was to be able to unite all of chiropractic.  I want us all to stand hand and hand and bring this amazing gift in which we share to all of the people of the world.  We should all be able to refer to each other in a heart beat without feeling like that new doctor is going to bash you and try and keep this patient for life.  If my patient needs muscle work, I’m immediately sending them to an ART specialist knowing that they will still come back to me for chiropractic.  If my patient needs to get a neurological consult, then I will immediately send them out to a Chiropractic Neurologist.  I don’t want to unite us for the sake of our egos.  I could have a philosophical debate any day and argue technique to death.  I think its fun!  But, we need to unite FOR THE WORLD and our future patients that we will serve.  If we can’t unite, then chiropractic will never truly be global. 

We shouldn’t even be communicating with insurance companies.  We should have our own.  We should have Wellness Insurance that provides for all types of wellness care such as Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Pilates, Yoga, etc.  These patients will only pay when they are WELL or becoming WELL because we are doing a great job, and they will not pay when they are sick because we aren’t doing a good job.  Unfortunately, during the 80s we had to many greedy chiropractors taking advantage of insurance companies, and we wonder why those insurance companies NOW take advantage of US.  We should be helping the insurance companies in getting rid of the chiropractors that rely on them in order to allow those chiropractors and their patients to have the freedom to be happy and healthy.  Nobody will ever be healthy until it is truly under their control and their freedom to do so. 

Like Dr. Demartini said, we are no longer quacks, alternative, or complimentary.  We are the new revolution.  We are the WELLNESS REVOLUTION!  We now have more responsibility then ever.  There is no better time then NOW to become united and take the first step into this revolution together because a revolution can’t just have one person fighting for it’s cause.  We need SOLDIERS and we need to do it in order to serve the WORLD!  In order to act globally, we have to think astronomically!  Many Chiropractors think only within their doors of their clinic.  SNAP OUT OF IT!  Let’s do this!  Let’s take over the world of healthcare.  The opportunity is right in front of us, all we have to do is reach out and grab it!  BJ said it himself, the only thing permanent is change, and progress is EVOLUTION!  You can’t have evolution without a revolution.

So, look around you.  These people are your fellow soldiers who will always have your back.  They will always be available when you need them.  They will always be right next to you when you are feeling down and you will always be right next to them when they feel down.  But, you know what’s best, they will always be right next to you when you are feeling great and when you least expect it. 

Who’s ready for the WELLNESS REVOLUTION?!

The First of Many!

The first blog of many! 

On this blog you can expect to find all different types of information and motivation about health, chiropractic, upper cervical chiropractic, philosophy, wealth, and social change. 

There are so many things to say about all of these topics, but I plan on sharing what I find valuable and informative.  I tend to read constantly about all of these topics and also tend to share as much as I can.  But, if you would like to follow along you can start reading what I am and add to the discussion on the bottom of this blog. 

The books that I am currently working on are Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port, The Chiropractic Text Book: Sophmore Text, and Volume XVIII The Subluxation Specific – The Adjustment Specific Chapters 3-4 by Dr. B.J. Palmer.

The next post will reference one or all of these books.  I look forward to working with all of you and can’t wait to get started.  Let’s change the world together!

“As long as there is a breath of life…there is Hope.” ~ Dr. B.J. Palmer

May you be happy, may you be well

Dr. Ian D. Tremayne, D.C.